Robot Project


E.G. cad drawing

This project started in december 1992 when I was asked to participate in a group show, named "Electronic Art", that was to be held for six days in Berlin at the IFA (world biggest consumer electronics fair) and it still goes on. Within eight months I developed a robotic sculpture that had the ability to interact with visitors by obtaining sensory input through a video camera. The sculpture would then react, using its robotic actuators.
During this development period I did a lot of reading about artificial neural networks. Naturally, I also read about the work of Mrs. Gardner and that way I was introduced to her touching personal biography. I spontaneously decided to dedicate this sculpture to her memory.

During the six days of IFA approx. 20.000 visitors passed by the video-eye of the Elizabeth Gardner Robot.

From there on, the robot was exhibited in the "Hamburger Kunsthalle".

Elizabeth Gardner Robot was a CAD project from the very first minute, so the idea to also create a VRML version of this machine lay very near by.

this site offers three dimensional VRML files. Best results are achieved in display modes with more than 256 colours. A VRML Plugin is required to access the VRML scenarios.

A good place to look for a VRML plugin is:

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